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Hi. I’m Jerry Scott, the writing half of the Baby Blues team. Thanks for looking in on our blog. I hope it’ll become a regular thing… for all of us.

I’m just going to start right off by letting you in on a pretty exciting thing that we’ve been working on (hint: it’s a big, fancy book).


Yup. BBXX is a magnum opus of some of the silliness that we have perpetrated over the last twenty years. It is 336 delicious pages of a hardbound overview of two decades of Baby Blues, with nearly 800 of our favorite strips, annotations, photos, thoughts and reflections, nearly three years in the making. Your other books will be driven insane with envy.

If you’ve started to think about buying holiday gifts for friends and family, and if any of those friends or family members are Baby Blues fans, this is your answer.

BBXX is available for preorder now from your favorite online bookseller or, if you have a bookstore in your town (and congratulations if you do), they will also be happy to preorder copies for you. Do this for your friends and family. Do it for yourself. Do it now. If we had operators, they would be standing by.


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