A Baby Blues Halloween Oldie


(Click to biggify) November 1, 1998

This is one of my favorite Halloween gags for a few reasons:

It has some cute costumes that remind me of Trick-or-Treating with our kids

I love the dog I drew in the upper right corner panel (I’m allowed to like something I drew)

And it ends with Darryl eating something gross that one of the kids gave him. Now, that’s scary, eating something your child hands you without knowing where it’s been. You’ve been forewarned.

Got any gross Halloween experiences you’d like to share?





One thought on “A Baby Blues Halloween Oldie

  1. Last year, on October 30, all four of my kids came down with stomach flu the same night. From 10 pm to 3 am, my kids took turns waking us up to the sounds of puking. At one point, two of them became involved in synchronized puking. The next evening, I refused to give out candy in case the puking germs somehow migrated onto the candy wrappers.

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