Veteran’s Day


I was never in the military, though I did grow up in it as an “Air Force brat,” as we are affectionately known. As an adult, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for what my father did, and for the countless others who served our country in the military. While on USO tours, I’ve been lucky to meet many of them in some of the more outlying areas where they’re deployed. These men and women are often far from home and family, and our tours gave us just a small taste of what that must be like. Here are some images that stuck with me from those trips. (Click to biggify)

Baghdad, Iraq

Kirkuk, Iraq

Hospital beds in Germany for incoming wounded

Hospital bed in Germany—card from grade school student from home waiting for the wounded.

Packed into a C-130 over Iraq

Opening the door after landing on the USS Enterprise

The Arabian Sea behind the carrier USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise on the Arabian Sea from the USS Vicksburg

Interior—USS Enterprise

Weary after trip to Germany, our leader, Jeff Bacon (former Navy captain) visiting the Lincoln Memorial before going home.

Cavalry hat from across a C-17 on flight from Afghanistan.



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