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This is the start of a big few months for Baby Blues. The new web site design is up. Their new book, Wetter Louder Stickier, will be out, along with an e-book version with some cool features! Baby Blues will be on hand for King Features Syndicate’s 100th birthday bash at Ohio State University. And in January, Baby Blues will celebrate its 25th anniversary in syndication! Yay!WLS-screen-shot-FB


19 thoughts on “Big things!

  1. The new web site is a great improvement. Thanks for doing the work! I really enjoy the strip. It is a little less painful now my kids are teens but it is still funny all the same.

  2. “Big” is the word! I have never seen a menu bar so big that it only has 2 drop-downs to a screen row! Can it be reduced to a more usable size please?
    And I’m viewing the site (from the UK) at 12:30 GMT on 6th November, but the most recent displayed strip is for the 5th (which I read yesterday). Is this a time-zone issue or a one-off fault? Thanks.

  3. Ruaraidh ,

    Sorry you’re not happy with the navigation. It was done this way partly to accommodate smaller screens, and partly a stylistic decision. So far, among people who were testing the site, no one has mentioned it being less usable. It was created this way to become simpler and easier to navigate. Of course, maybe we’re a little older and appreciate larger navigation than you.

    I don’t know if the syndicate has a policy of changing it over by individual time zone, or if it is tied to US EST. I’m checking on it.


  4. Firstly, I should say that today’s strip was visible when I checked again about 4 hours later. Which is the important bit.

    Having viewed the site now on my phone I can see the advantages of larger text, but the menu takes up over 50% of a browser window (and that’s assuming it’s maximised!), and the “More” drop-down actually extends below the bottom of my 1280×1024 resolution screen!

    To be fair I don’t usually look at more than the latest strips, and I used to have to scroll down to get past the ads for the latest book anyway, so in essence nothing has changed. It’s just so, well, BIG!

    And Baby Blues is still to parents what Dilbert is to tech workers! 😉

    • Thanks for the more detailed feedback. That helps. I’ll look into how the drop down menu can be altered to stay within the 1024 height. We may be able to do something about that so it won’t go below your screen.

      Thanks for the kind words about the strip, too!

      • You’ll notice we’ve now reduced the size of the submenus so they’ll fit in smaller screens without scrolling. Hope that helps.

  5. Hiya!
    I like the new website, but is there any way of making the “Comics Kingdom” bar at the bottom remember that I want it minimised (I do have cookies enabled)? Every time I go to a new page, it pops up again (hiding the bottom of the strip), and I’m not fond of scrolling distractions!

    • Hi Jo,

      Glad you like the new site. I’m right there with you. I’ll ask the web people at King Features. That was something they added this week. I find I’m minimizing it every time, too.



  6. For info – you may be able to zoom out on the page – it took me a while to figure it out (it was *very* big when I first landed, and I’m on a netbook, so have a tiny screen!), but I’ve managed to zoom out to a point where the text of the strip is still readable, but I don’t have to scroll for ages to get past the menu items on the top.

  7. New site is obviously still buggy. The delays even getting here are huge, the links are glacial, and the strip always seems to be at least one day old. Beta testing on loyal readers doesn’t seem like a great choice…

    • Server problems have been plaguing us for a few weeks. The folks at King Features are hard at work trying to solve them. These issues have nothing to do with the reader beta testers. There were also other beta testers as well. Even among the 3 fans we chose from Facebook, two of them had experience testing web sites. The problems we are experiencing now are different, although some of the issues we had on the list to fix are having to sit on the back burner while the server problems are resolved. The issues cropped up shortly after the site went live and are still ongoing. The tech people at King Features are hard at work on not only the Baby Blues site, but others of their comic sites. Please be patient. Thanks.

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  9. Lately, the strips seem to be slow arriving on the site. Not sure what the problem is but I am still seeing yesterday’s strip at 2:30 p.m. the next day.

    I enjoy the strip very much and have completely enjoyed the new book. Now have them all and like the smiles and chuckles they bring when I reread!

    • There were a lot of server problems in the first month or so. The problems seem to be sorted out now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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