A Milestone!


Twenty-five years ago today Baby Blues first appeared in print in twenty or so newspapers with this strip:


A couple of dozen plus one years later Baby Blues is seen daily by a hundred million readers in 1200 newspapers worldwide, and the list is still growing. Not bad for a couple of guys who were hoping to create a comic strip that would last five years and create an excuse for all the time we were spending trying to crack each other up with jokes and drawings. It’s been a ton of fun, no small amount of work (9,131 strips!), and a real adventure.

But Baby Blues isn’t just Rick and Jerry. We also want to recognize and thank our patient and supportive spouses, Kim and Sukey. Thanks also to Taylor, Madison, Abbey and Cady Lane, along with various cousins, friends and classmates who allowed us to swipe and exploit most of the cute and annoying things they did when they were little. King Features is the company that syndicates Baby Blues to all of those newspapers, and provides all of the behind-the-scenes business stuff that allows us to get paid for what we do. They are the best of the best.

And special recognition to all of you, the best readers in the world! You are the ones who keep us at the drawing board. Thank you for that privilege.

Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott


9 thoughts on “A Milestone!

  1. The character of Zoe reminds me so much of my late sister Zoe. Both are bossy, always right and would never think a younger sibling could be right. I miss my sister Zoe. On those days when you have you Zoe behave in her righteous attitude, I feel she is with me again.

    Marta Rawlings

  2. The San Jose Mercury News must have been one of those first papers that carried Baby Blues. A co-worker’s wife had just had their first baby and I remember telling him about this first strip. He had seen it too, and said, ‘Yup. That is exactly what we said – Now what?’ Thank you for one of my favorite comics from your Day 1!!!

  3. Congrats. I used to have all of the books until my ex took off with them. So when are you going to get the rest of them on the site? I realized a couple of days ago that I should have offered to tag as I went through the archives….

  4. Congratulations on making it this far. Baby Blues is one of my favourite strips ever, right up there with Zits and Alex.

  5. I have been reading Baby Blues since my son was born in 1991. It helped to know that other people felt just like I did. You were saying what I was thinking. Thanks for understanding me. Here’s to many more years of Baby Blues.

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