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Father Time is running out…

Only days left to get your Baby Blues 2013 Day-t0-Day box calendar to start the year off on time. Or else you’ll be playing catch-up the rest of the year. Available at


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Guess the title panel contest

For those of you who get the strip in the newspaper, your newspaper may or may not carry the title panel to our Sunday strips. In recent years, the Sunday comics have been reduced in size so much, to save paper, that most have eliminated the title panel. If you only view the strip online, chances are you never see the title panel.

It’s a panel on the left, usually with our logo and a drawing. The drawing will relate to something in the main part of the strip gag. The title panel may relate to the main gag directly or indirectly—or in this case, the relationship may be obscure. A cartoonist friend of mine once said he really liked trying to figure out the obscure ones. He’ll have his work cut out for him this time.

Since not everyone gets to see the title panel, I’m posting it here for all to see at once. Continue reading

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Zen & the art of USO cartoonist tours—Part 1

I recently read an account of an amazingly talented artist, Victor Juhasz, about his trip to Afghanistan, where he was embedded with a medevac unit for two weeks. The stories are sometimes harrowing, the drawings raw and intimate. You should see them. They’re incredible.

It started me thinking about my own experiences on trips visiting wounded troops in hospitals and drawing for deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on USO tours.

Our cartoonists’ experience was much different from Mr. Juhasz’s. Where he returned with dozens of drawings he could display in galleries or in magazines and online, we came back with very little artistic evidence of our trips. Mostly our evidence was in the form of “challenge” coins we were given by officers and commanders for doing what we did. We have some photos, many of which are touristy shots of us in not-your-typical tourist locations.

   Continue reading

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This day in Baby Blues history, December 6, 2003…

Click to biggify.

Hammie and Trent started the Look-out!-Here-it-comes!-Club. Sounds dangerous. And fun.

I want to know who the third member was.

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