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Boo-boo? There’s An App for That!


“Mom, I have a boo-boo on my feener!” Toddlers and preschoolers have a lot of interesting—if not always decipherable—ways to describe a cut or scrape, or where it hurts. There is plenty of lively discussion about the perks or drawbacks of teaching kids proper terms for their anatomy.

Helping kids understand more than their fingers, toes, eyes, and nose may give them a better understanding of themselves, but can also be helpful in being more specific about any health issues or injuries they may encounter. A new mobile app, The Human Body by Tinybop, is a well designed, interactive learning tool designed specifically for children to teach them the basics about how the human body works.

Think Gray’s Anatomy textbook meets a Whoopee Cushion.  Continue reading

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Cartoonists Demand Action video

Baby Blues is included, along with twenty-two other cartoonists, in the latest “Demand A Plan/Demand Action” video. It’s a call to action for people and our leaders and representatives to take steps to end gun violence. There is no one particular solution proposed because it is a very complex problem that requires many approaches in many areas. It’s up to us as citizens to demand that we start addressing the issue in all the areas it involves. Inaction is not a solution.

Since we are not getting into any specifics here, we aren’t asking for a debate on this page—there are plenty other places on the Internet for that. You can watch it or not, take it to heart or not. Above all, please keep the comments civil.

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This day in Baby Blues history, December 6, 2003…

Click to biggify.

Hammie and Trent started the Look-out!-Here-it-comes!-Club. Sounds dangerous. And fun.

I want to know who the third member was.

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A Baby Blues Halloween Oldie

(Click to biggify) November 1, 1998

This is one of my favorite Halloween gags for a few reasons:

It has some cute costumes that remind me of Trick-or-Treating with our kids

I love the dog I drew in the upper right corner panel (I’m allowed to like something I drew)

And it ends with Darryl eating something gross that one of the kids gave him. Now, that’s scary, eating something your child hands you without knowing where it’s been. You’ve been forewarned.

Got any gross Halloween experiences you’d like to share?




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Halloween: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Glue Guns

I don’t really know how it started.

It could’ve been when we made our younger daughter into the comic strip character Nancy as a nod to my friend and partner Jerry Scott. At the time, Jerry was drawing and writing the Nancy strip. Our daughter had a ball of Nancy hair complete with spikes made from pipe cleaners.

It could have been when we read The Stupids Have a Ball (by Harry Allard/illustrated by James Marshall) to the kids. It inspired us to recreate the Halloween costume, General George Washing Machine.

(Click to biggify) If iPods had been around when our daughters were kids, we would have definitely made that.

Either way, we started down a long road of elaborate Halloween costumes based on  commercial products and entities. My wife was really into it. She’s extremely resourceful—a wizard with cardboard, felt and foam sheets—and she slings a wicked glue gun.

In the beginning it was a lot of fun. Each year, though, the costumes presented new challenges and the bar was set higher. It seemed such an insurmountable task to top yourself every year.

Sometimes being a cartoonist came in handy. Admitedly, there were times when I was reluctantly drafted into helping construct them. Reluctantly, because it usually meant a trading sleep for costumes.

An early one was the Hawaiian Punch juice box, painted in great detail to look just like the real thing, only super-sized. Early successes led to, among others: Continue reading

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