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Boo-boo? There’s An App for That!


“Mom, I have a boo-boo on my feener!” Toddlers and preschoolers have a lot of interesting—if not always decipherable—ways to describe a cut or scrape, or where it hurts. There is plenty of lively discussion about the perks or drawbacks of teaching kids proper terms for their anatomy.

Helping kids understand more than their fingers, toes, eyes, and nose may give them a better understanding of themselves, but can also be helpful in being more specific about any health issues or injuries they may encounter. A new mobile app, The Human Body by Tinybop, is a well designed, interactive learning tool designed specifically for children to teach them the basics about how the human body works.

Think Gray’s Anatomy textbook meets a Whoopee Cushion.  Continue reading

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Two Big Anniversaries for The Big E

In August 2012, six cartoonists—Jeff Bacon (Military Times/Broadside/Greenside), Tom Richmond (MAD magazine), Jeff Keane (The Family Circus), Dave Coverly (Speed Bump), Sam Viviano (MAD magazine) and I (Rick from Baby Blues)—traveled out to the Persian Gulf on a USO tour to draw for the troops. This time, mainly for the Navy. Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

I was never in the military, though I did grow up in it as an “Air Force brat,” as we are affectionately known. As an adult, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for what my father did, and for the countless others who served our country in the military. While on USO tours, I’ve been lucky to meet many of them in some of the more outlying areas where they’re deployed. These men and women are often far from home and family, and our tours gave us just a small taste of what that must be like. Here are some images that stuck with me from those trips. (Click to biggify)

Baghdad, Iraq

Continue reading

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Pumpkins as far as the eye can see… [Updated]

I’m pretty sure that’s how the description went in the gag for this strip. I can’t actually prove it, because in those days, Jerry sent gags to me via fax. Hard to believe we spent the years 4 through 15 with gags being sent as faxes. We’ve since moved into the modern world and use email.

Jerry sends gags to me as little scripts. A brief, not-usually-very-detailed description of the scene, and the dialogue. The panels are numbered. Most of the time, it leaves me some leeway as to the setting, the peripheral action, scene blocking. If it’s really critical for a bit of stage action or direction, he’ll indicate that for the panel. Then it’s just a matter of who says what.

It’s a great system. I’m not too roped into the details of how he sees it, which gives me room to play around with the characters. The nice thing is that he says most of the time, the finished strips look just like he imagined them.

I guess knowing someone for about forty years pays off.

This particular strip, though, was his Halloween “trick” to me. And an early one—we produce the strips several weeks ahead of publication. I wasn’t in the trick-or-treat mood yet. Continue reading

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