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Pumpkins as far as the eye can see… [Updated]

I’m pretty sure that’s how the description went in the gag for this strip. I can’t actually prove it, because in those days, Jerry sent gags to me via fax. Hard to believe we spent the years 4 through 15 with gags being sent as faxes. We’ve since moved into the modern world and use email.

Jerry sends gags to me as little scripts. A brief, not-usually-very-detailed description of the scene, and the dialogue. The panels are numbered. Most of the time, it leaves me some leeway as to the setting, the peripheral action, scene blocking. If it’s really critical for a bit of stage action or direction, he’ll indicate that for the panel. Then it’s just a matter of who says what.

It’s a great system. I’m not too roped into the details of how he sees it, which gives me room to play around with the characters. The nice thing is that he says most of the time, the finished strips look just like he imagined them.

I guess knowing someone for about forty years pays off.

This particular strip, though, was his Halloween “trick” to me. And an early one—we produce the strips several weeks ahead of publication. I wasn’t in the trick-or-treat mood yet. Continue reading

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Guess the title panel contest

For those of you who get the strip in the newspaper, your newspaper may or may not carry the title panel to our Sunday strips. In recent years, the Sunday comics have been reduced in size so much, to save paper, that most have eliminated the title panel. If you only view the strip online, chances are you never see the title panel.

It’s a panel on the left, usually with our logo and a drawing. The drawing will relate to something in the main part of the strip gag. The title panel may relate to the main gag directly or indirectly—or in this case, the relationship may be obscure. A cartoonist friend of mine once said he really liked trying to figure out the obscure ones. He’ll have his work cut out for him this time.

Since not everyone gets to see the title panel, I’m posting it here for all to see at once. Continue reading

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Baby Blues News: Help veterans | Appear in a strip | Same day strips | Contests | Calendars



Help wounded veterans, get your name in a Baby Blues strip and own the original art, too! You can do that all with the click of a mouse. That’s powerful.

Time is running out! Bidding ends just before midnight December 6, 2012—Guardian Ball Auction. Highest bid will have your name (or names of your children or gift recipient/their children) in the strip and will receive the original art for that strip. Proceeds go to the Wyakin Warrior Foundation (Learn more) to provide scholarships and mentorship to wounded veterans. It’s a fantastic program. I just got back from the Inaugural Guardian Ball for the Foundation and got to meet some of the participants in the program: A great group of highly motivated men and women who served our country and deserve our help.

Baby Blues strips—No waiting! Our strips are now published on BabyBlues.com the same day as the newspaper! No more two-week delay on the web site for Baby Blues strips.

Coming soon! More chances to win signed BBXX books The publisher sent me a box of books that was damaged in shipping. It’s not major stuff, and it seems confined to the covers and the spines. Even the worst ones look kind of like a baby might have gotten ahold of them and tried to teethe on them. But our misfortune is your gain. We’ll be running some contests so these books won’t go to waste. Stay tuned! Look for the first one December 22nd.

Don’t forget…time is running out to have your 2013 Day-to-Day Baby Blues Calendar in time for the new year. Available online or in some book stores. Also available online in Kindle edition.



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We have a winner!

Congratulations, Allison Marti!

It was close. Three of the scrawls were clear enough that they were all guessed correctly by a few. The fourth one, which gave everyone trouble, including Stephan, was another story. Close as we can figure, it’s “XXXXXS RULE.” As the judge and final arbiter of this, I’m sticking to it. So going by percentage of that guessed (the word “Rule”), plus the definite other three, Allison’s answers won:

2- No Rule
4- SUKEY (heart’s) RICK

She scores the signed BBXX book with a drawing in it. Way to go!

Thanks to all who participated.

Stay tuned, we may have other contests brewing…


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