5 thoughts on “April 10, 2018

  1. I think today’s Baby Blues got it right. In our misguided attempts at protecting school children from gun violence, we traumatize them without a single shot being fired. A high school student spoke at a rally for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America at the California State Capitol yesterday. She described her experience during a recent drill at school. After hearing the alarm, she and her classmates followed protocol and assembled on the football field. She recalled looking at the student body spread out across the grass and thinking, “This is really dangerous. Someone with a gun could kill us all.”

    How long will it be before our mental health professionals begin to recognize this new source of PTSD? Instead of accepting a world in which our children go to school in a virtual war zone, we should be looking upstream to the real source of our epidemic of gun violence; the greed of gun makers and the gutless cowardice of too many of our lawmakers.

  2. I can understand the active shooter drill – those gunheads are prolific and crazy. And perhaps the school is right next to a big honking chemical plant, which might explain a shelter-in-place drill. But what kind of elementary school has enough Hazmat around that they need to do a Hazmat evac drill?

    Oh, I get it. The scenario was that Hammie cooked up a big batch of stink bombs.

    Got it!

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