One thought on “December 30, 2014

  1. Realized yesterday that this series is going to be great, as always. A mature, considered, and light-hearted approach to intellectual freedom for everyone. I’m sixty-six, and when the neighborhood librarian called my mom to report that I (as a nine-year-old) was browsing in the adult side of the library, my mom said, “I’ll be right there.” When she arrived, she found me, asked if I had found a book I was interested in, and walked with me to the desk with the book I had selected (Gone With the Wind). As I put it on the desk to be checked out, my mom said politely but firmly to our beloved librarian, “Cathy has the freedom to read any book she chooses. You do not need to call us for permission for her to browse in any side of the library or to check out anything she might select.” The librarian said, “Thank you for coming in to confirm this for all of us.” And home we went. Kudos to my parents, our librarians, and to everyone who fights for intellectual freedom.

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