Daryll-and-Wren-on-shoulder-screenedDarryl MacPherson, the father in Baby Blues is a guy in his mid-thirties, mid-carreer, mid-management and midcourse in the greatest adventure of his life… fatherhood.

Darryl loves being a dad of three, even though it’s the hardest work he’s ever done, if you don’t count that summer job cleaning the elephant pen at the zoo during college. If you do, then it’s a toss-up, although the elephants were a little tidier and didn’t get sticky fingerprints all over the TV remote.

The consummate involved parent, Darryl is there whenever possible to lend a hand, wipe a nose, kiss a boo-boo or believably shoo a monster the way only a real dad can.

See Darryl’s Highlights below!


Darryl’s Highlights