NCS Strip Award

NCSfinalRick Kirkman, the artist and co-creator of Baby Blues, won the Best Newspaper Comic Strip award from the National Cartoonists Society for 1995. He wanted to share the award with the strip’s writer, Jerry Scott, the writer and co-creator of the strip. Because Jerry and Rick are collaborators, they felt it should be shared. Unfortunately, at the time, the rules of the National Cartoonists Society were such that only the artist received the award.

During the presentation of the award at a black tie dinner, Jerry added his name to the plaque with a label maker! The label still resides on the plaque today.

The same situation cropped up again a few years later when the comic strip Zits was given the same award, and the rules were changed to accommodate by-lined co-creators, so both Jerry and his other partner Jim Borgman were able to receive the award.