Wanda Wizowski-MacPherson never thought of herself as the motherly-type until her biological clock started ringing like a fire bell. After she got pregnant with Zoe, Wanda traded working full-time as a public relations executive for working fuller time as a mother of a newborn.

Wanda is a complex person… part nurturing mother, part dynamic organizer, and part exhausted woman. Having a breast-feeding one and a half year old,  a rambunctious six year-old and a bossy nine year-old in the house demands much of her time, requires all of her attention and has fried most of her brain cells. She and her husband, Darryl think they have stumbled upon the ultimate form of birth control… three kids in the house.

Despite all of the work and confusion that comes with being a wife and mom of three, Wanda loves her family and wouldn’t want to live her life any other way. Really. No fooling. Unless maybe there were great sums of money involved. And a yacht. And an extended stay at a ritzy spa. Perhaps a little time alone in the bathroom…

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Wanda’s Highlights