Animated TV Series

The award-winning, nationally syndicated comic strip “Baby Blues” came to life in a new animated half-hour comedy series Sunday, January 6th, 2002 for two seasons, although only the first season aired. However, the show lives on in reruns on various cable channels throughout the known universe and possibly beyond.

The voice cast included Mike O’Malley (“28 Days,” “Yes, Dear”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Eat, Pray, Love”)  as Darryl and Julia Sweeney (“Maybe It’s Me,” “God said, “Ha!,” “Saturday Night Live”, “Family Guy”, Monsters University”) as Wanda. Joel Murray (“Dharma & Greg”, “Mad Men”, “Two and A Half Men”, “Desperate Housewives”) played next-door neighbor, Carl, and Arabella Fields (“Godzilla”, Numb3ers”, “Law And Order”) was his wife, Melinda. Nicole Sullivan (“Mad TV”, “The Penguins of Madagascar”, “Family Guy”) plays teenage babysitter, Bizzy. Deidrich Bader (“The Drew Carey Show,” “Office Space”, “King Of The Hill”, “Arrested Development”) plays one of Darryl’s co-workers, Kenny. Kath Soucie (“Rugrats”, “Futurama”, “Kim Possible”) plays two of their children, Rodney and Megan. E.G. Daly (“Rugrats”, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”) plays the voice of Zoe. Some of the guest voices in various episodes included Drew Carey, Steven Weber (“Wings”, “The Shining”), Dan Cortese (“Veronica’s Closet”) and Bob Costas.