Parenting War Stories

People have written into us describing their own parenting experiences. They often remark that their lives are very similar to the gags we illustrate in our Baby Blues strips. We’d lke to share with you the stories people have submitted to us.

One night as I tucked my three year old son in bed, he looked up at me and asked if he could ask me a question. As I glowed with the feeling that my child wanted me to fill his little mind with wisdom, I said sure… to which he quietly asked… “Mommy , why does your kiss stink?’ Talk about having your bubble burst!–Pamela T.
I think this request speaks for itself? “Celeste, please don’t wipe your nose on the window.”–Jessica R.
“Ayla, you cannot ride the cat.” Our cat is very user-friendly.–Christianne R.
I have a two and a half year old. Everywhere I go she’s always shouting out “Mommy!” or to my husband, “Daddy!” It’s really cute, but after a while it gets frustrating. Anyways, I found my daughter saying it so much one day when she was younger, that later that evening I turned to my husband and I go “Daddy, what’s for dinner.” He replied “Nothing, Mommy.” Then we both gave each other the “oh-my-God-I-don’t-believe-we-just-said-that” look. Our mouths dropped so wide! It was the funniest thing. It goes to show you that if you can’t beat your children, join them.–Patricia H.
After reading the note left by our cleaning lady, I turned to my husband as he walked in from work and said, “I’ll get the barf from behind the couch, if you’ll get the injured mouse in the computer room.”–Kama M.